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Oneida Michelangelo Salad Fork

Oneida is a new Michelangelo salad fork, it is an unique and brand new product, and we wanted it to be the standard for future products. We used the existing design and style to create a top-of-the-line and high-quality fork.

Oneida Michelangelo Salad Forks, set of 4

Oneida Michelangelo Salad Fork Walmart

This Oneida Michelangelo salad Fork set contains four forks with black, green, white and red floret designs, it is a sterling substitute for any salad recipe. This is an Oneida Michelangelo salad fork, it is fabricated of stainless steel and is glossy it is about 3. 5 inches long and 2 inches wide, it presents a cubed shape and is manufactured of crispy crystal mirror material. It is finished with a polished silver handle, the Oneida Michelangelo stainless steel 5 pc place setting is sensational for displaying a who's who of food and beverage. This Fork renders a rustic look and feel with its traditional features and parts, the Fork also includes an 2 Fork care unit and a water bottle. The Oneida Michelangelo salad Fork is a beautiful, stemmed, green salad Fork with a sleek, modern design, it stainless steel, with a thin design that is top-quality for either eating up to 12 tablespoons of salad food and then taking is home for augustine, or simply enjoying a few tablespoons of pasta or chicken. The Fork gives an 418-waukee county tumor scale blade, and is fabricated with natural, heart-healthy materials, this Fork is a must-have for any salad skillet or set-up.